Rounded Column Corners In Numbers

A new feature in Numbers is the ability to round the corners in column and bar charts. You can use this to soften the corners or to completely round the ends of the bars. This also works in the latest versions of Pages and Keynote.
Video Transcript / Captions
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So a new feature in Numbers version 5.1 is the ability to add rounded corners in charts. Particularly in column and bar charts. Let's look at an example here. We'll select all the data in this table. Command A. I'll click Chart and I'll select a 2D column chart. You get a standard column chart as you saw before. The idea is you want to have these nice curves at the ends rather than it being completely squared off. Sure enough under Format, Chart you see rounded corners here. It appears just after all the colors and other options.

So you can slide this over and you can see that the corners will curve. You can go all the way to 100% which creates a completely round circle there at the end. You can also select outside corners only which looks a lot better since you have a straight line there at the bottom you might as well have that match and then have it curved at the top. As a matter of fact this is a good way to represent data where the actual number maybe isn't that precise. It's more general. You just want to show, you know, that this column is twice as high as this column. But the number that it stops at isn't all that important. Or you can do half way for a nice look or even just a tiny bit, like at 10%, creates a little bit of a softer type of column there.

Now this works in 2D columns. It also works in bar. So I'm going to switch from column to bar and now you can see it's the same thing. This is why they call is outside corners rather than top or right corners because it's the one on the outside. So you can have that on or off. It's kind of a nice extra new feature. It only works column and bar. It also works if you use stacked column and stacked bar. So it doesn't seem to work in the 3D bar and column ones. Although you do have the options there for like doing a cylinder so it's a similar kind of thing.

It's a nice extra feature here just to make charts in Numbers look a little bit more modern. It gives you some more variety in their appearance.