Rumor Points To Apple Augmented Reality Glasses in 2020

Apple Augmented Reality Glasses concept image.
A concept illustration of AR glasses.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has made a bold prediction that Apple will launch AR glasses as soon as next year. He guesses that Apple will launch the devices in a similar way to how they launched the Apple Watch, requiring an iPhone for much of the power behind the device. This could help with size, battery life and performance.

While many other companies have tried AR glasses in the past, Apple’s success with the Apple Watch could mean it has what it takes to make the idea mainstream. The idea behind AR glasses is to overlay information on to your view of the real world, such as arrows for directions, information for stores and restaurants, and incoming messages and calls. Apple has added AR software functions to the last two generations of iPhones and the slow but steady growth of the Apple Watch makes the idea of Apple glasses seem more realistic for next year.

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    Stephen Bamforth
    8 months ago

    Sounds an expensive item, I’m already paying £200 for my ordinary glasses in the UK🙂

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