MacMost Now 352: Saving Money On Apple Products

You don't need to pay top dollar for Macs, iPods and iPhones. Other sellers besides Apple have the same products for a little less. Plus you can use educational discounts and credit cards to save even more. Here are some useful tips on how to buy Apple products for less.

Online stores where you can buy new, refurbished and used Apple products:

  • (New)
  • Apple’s Refurb Page
  • Expercom (New, Deals)
  • Small Dog Electronics (New, Refurbs)
  • Mac-Of-All-Trades (Used)
  • PowerMax (New, Used, Deals)
  • J&R (New)
  • B&H Photo (New)
  • (New)
  • MacMall (New)
  • CDW (New)
  • (New)
  • Frys (New)
  • Online stores where you can buy Apple memory:

  • The Chip Merchant (Memory)
  • Crucial (Memory)
  • (Memory)
  • Learn more about Use Tax:

  • Wikipedia
  • Please post other ideas and store locations if in the comments below!

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      14 years ago

      Is there any way to be rewarded for recommending Apple products? As many of my friends have turned to a Mac, some ask me if I get money for that... well, not until now. Do you know anything about such a program?

      14 years ago

      I want more info on buying though the Apple Developer program I have a Standard iPhone Developer account the one that costs $99 and I’d love to get a discount on an iPad when they come out any one know how

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