Screen Capture a Window

The default keyboard shortcut for capturing a selection is Shift+Command+4. Then you can select an area. But if you press spacebar after Shift+Command+4, you can simply select a window to capture instead. Shift+Command+Option+4 and then spacebar will capture to the clipboard instead of a file.

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    10 years ago

    Do the MacMost tips apply only to the latest Leopard version?
    Because I find that these screen capture directions do not work as described, on Tiger.

    1. You have to apply these commands in stages or nothing will work: First, Shift+Command+4 to get the crosshairs, (which copy a drawn selection)
    and then +Option+spacebar to get the camera tool, (which copies the active window).

    2. But even with the camera tool, you will not get a copy to the clipboard. The Shift+Command+4 plus +Option+spacebar combination still only produces a .PNG file, not a clipboard save.

    So that renders all the extra awkward key manipulations pointless — at least, in Tiger.

      10 years ago

      Yes, they refer to the current version. But note that these are the DEFAULT keyboard shortcuts. You can change them. You can make screen capture shortcut something else very easily in the Keyboard preferences.

    10 years ago

    Command>shift>3 takes a screen shot too. Oddly, it’s left-justified within a large black window that it doesn’t quite fill.
    Ain’t teknologee grande?

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