Screen Capture From Mail

Want to email someone a quick screen capture? You don’t need to capture the screen, save to a file, and then attach it to an email. You can do it all from right inside Lion Mail. Just write your email, and then choose Mail, Services, Capture Selection From Screen. Then you can grab whatever it is you want to show them and it automatically becomes an attachment in the message. You can also do this from inside other applications like TextEdit or Pages.

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    martin johnson
    10 years ago

    I tried this but in my mail when I try opening services it only leads to service preferences only. What am I doing wrong

      10 years ago

      Which version of OS X are you using? You need Lion for this.

      10 years ago

      Your curser must be in the body of the email.

    John Vossos
    10 years ago

    Hey I just checked out the screen capture feature in Mail and it works just great. I don't Skitch now .... Cool

    As long at Mail is running you simply use the key stroke command shift and 3 or 4 to get a section or a full screen capture that you can use as any graphic.

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