Sharing Files With iChat

Molly shows how to share a document using the iChat Theater feature in Mac OSX Leopard.

Video Transcript
Transcript available soon. Transcripts are typically available a few days after the video has been published. Please check back.

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    11/26/10 @ 10:20 am

    Hej fra copenhagen Molly :-)

    I have iChat iTheatre working OK BUT the image quality is poor.

    For example, photos are not sharp and appear a little ragged around the edges.

    With pdf’s – the text is legible but not sharp

    Keynote is a little better but not sharp.

    I’d be grateful for any advice as to how I may improve the quality of my screen ‘images’

    mange tak – J :-)

    PS is there a minimum bandwith requirement to achieve the quality of image you show in your video?

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