Sharing Screenshots and Pictures With Imgur

If you need to share a single image quickly and easily, without using iCloud, Dropbox or some other service you have set up, you can use You can upload an image without signing up and then use that to share you images in emails and message boards where images may not normally be supported.

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    Sue Burnett
    7 years ago

    Thanks for another useful video ā€” I'd heard about Imgur but didn't know much about it. The quick share aspect is certainly useful. I'm wondering how it differs from Instagram, and how the usage/benefits differ between them as social media?

    On a related note, when I need to share a large file, such as a video or large folder, which would clog up my email and would be clunky on Dropbox, I use Wetransfer. It works in a similar way to what you've outlined above, but with time-limited access.

    Bob Smailes
    7 years ago

    Nice video - as always. One thing to be aware of if you choose to make the image public you grant imgur an irrevocable licence (with right to sublicense) your image. Easy to miss in their T&Cs - but of course does not apply to the example your gave.

    Keep up the good work.

    7 years ago

    Sue: I think Instagram is mobile app only, for uploads anyway. At least it was the last time I checked. But it definitely requires setting up an account first, which Imgur does not.

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