Shockwave Back On the Mac

Adobe announced Director 11, which is the software that allows developers to make Shockwave content. Shockwave is the browser plug-in that is used in multimedia and gaming. It is considered more powerful than Flash, mostly because of its 3D engine that uses OpenGL on the Mac to present real 3D — the type you see in big games.
But for a while, Shockwave really hasn’t been available on the Mac. Shockwave 10, the current version, was released in 2004 and does not work on Intel machines. You could get it to work by setting either Safari or Firefox into Rosetta mode, forcing them to work like PowerPC applications on Intel machines. But most people didn’t bother.
With the release of Director 11 in March should come Shockwave 11, which will work on Intel Macs. So Shockwave will be back. You can see lots of example of Shockwave content at the free online games site