MacMost Shorts

Shorts are quick, usually one-minute long, videos you can watch on TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels. Most MacMost Shorts are quick tips on how to do things on your iPhone since most Shorts viewers are using an app on their iPhone to watch. Check out some of MacMost’s Shorts:

Text Replacements: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can insert a long piece of text by just typing a few characters on your iPhone.
Type To Siri: YouTube
You can type instead of speaking out loud to ask Siri on your iPhone.
Silence Unknown Callers: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can set your iPhone to send callers right to voicemail if they are not in your Contacts.
Sunset Reminder Automation: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Have your iPhone remind you when it is time for sunset.
Send Message Shortcut: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Send a message with a single tap using a Shortcut.
Record Video Shortcut: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Create a Shortcut to start recording video with just one tap on the screen or a backtap.
Music Playlist Shortcut: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Create a Shortcut that will let you start a playlist with just one tap.
Crop and Rotate Photos: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to crop and rotate your photos on your iPhone.
In-App Purchases: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Here's how to see what in-app purchases an app has before downloading.
Send Email Later: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can schedule an email message to be sent later on your iPhone.
Stop Trackers: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Check these settings to make sure apps and websites can't track you.
Change Siri's Voice: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can change Siri's voice, even picking a different accent.
Search Your Photos: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can search your Photos library for objects in the photos.
Offloading iPhone Apps: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can save space on your iPhone by offloading apps instead of deleting them.
Surprising Early Mac Facts: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Here are some interesting facts about the early development of the Mac.
Comic Book Video Filter: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Record video on your iPhone with a live comic book filter.
Create Your Own Custom iPhone Ringtones: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can use the free GarageBand app from Apple to create your own ringtones.
Hidden iPhone Trackpad: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can place the text cursor on an iPhone using the trackpad built into the virtual keyboard.
Sign Documents On Your iPhone: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can sign PDF documents in the Files app or when replying to an email.
Fun Frames For Photos: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Use Freeform on your Mac to frame photos into fun shape before sharing.
Undo Send and Edit Messages: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
You can undo sending a message for 2 minutes and edit messages up to 5 times in 15 minutes if you are using iOS 16 and iMessage.
iPhone Security Settings: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Check these three iPhone settings to protect your iPhone from intruders.
Share Photos Without Your Location: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
How to share photos from the Photos app on your iPhone without including the GPS data.
Recording Studio On Your iPhone: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Get the GarageBand app from Apple for free and add a digital music instruments and a whole recording studio for free.
Secure Your iPhone With a Real Password: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Use a password instead of a passcode to make your iPhone more secure.
Create a Slideshow On Your iPhone: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Learn how to create a slideshow from your photos using the Memories function in the Photos app on the iPhone.
Scroll To the Top Or Bottom Instantly: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Learn how to scroll right to the top of a long document or webpage, or to the bottom of your Messages in an instant.
Scan Receipts With Your iPhone: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Don't use the Camera app to scan receipts and documents. Use the Files app instead.
Name That Tune: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Your iPhone can tell you what song is playing around you, and even follow along with the lyrics.
iOS 16.2 Freeform App: TikTokInstagram
Check out the new Freeform App in iOS 16.2
Apple Watch Tip and Split: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
Calculate a Tip and Split the Bill With the Apple Watch Calculator App
Secure Your iPhone: TikTokYouTube
What To Do Before Handing Your iPhone to a Cashier, Ticket-Taker or Police
Add an Emoji Sticker To Any Photo: TikTokYouTube
Add An Emoji Sticker To Any Photo
Unlock Your iPhone With Your Voice: TikTokYouTube
Unlock Your iPhone With a Voice Command
iPhone Control Center Tips: TikTokYouTube
4 Hidden Features of iPhone Control Center
Type Faster On Your iPhone: TikTokYouTubeInstagram
3 Tips To Help You Type Faster On Your iPhone
Silence Notifications In Just One App: TikTokYouTube
Turn Off Notifications While In an App
iPhone Clean Energy Charging: TikTokYouTube
A new setting in iOS 16.1 allows you to charge your phone is a more responsible way.
Show Battery Percentage in iOS 16: TikTokYouTube
Show iPhone Battery Percentage on your iPhone in iOS 16.
Blur iPhone Photo Background: TikTokYouTube
Blur the Background When Taking iPhone Photos
iOS 15 Live Camera Numbers Conversions: TikTokYouTube
Use your iPhone’s camera to convert numbers live.
Find Duplicate Photos On iPhone: TikTokYouTube
Find and delete duplicate photos on your iPhone.
Emoji Lock Screens: TikTokYouTube
Use Emoji to create a custom Lock Screen for you iPhone in iOS 16.
Create iOS 16 Lock Screens: TikTokYouTube
How to make your own iPhone Lock Screen in iOS 16.
Coming Soon in iOS 16 Part 2: TikTokYouTube
More New Features Coming In iOS 16
Coming Soon in iOS 16 Part 1: TikTokYouTube
New Features Coming In iOS 16
What We Do With the Shadows: TikTokYouTube
Don’t let a shadow ruin your landscape photo.
IMDB Collaborations Search: TikTokYouTube
How to tell if two actors are in the same movie.
Collaborate Live With Notes: TikTokYouTube
Did you know you can collaborate in real time with Notes on your iphone?
Bring Back the Colors: TikTokYouTube
Bring back the colors in your photos.
Control Your iPhone With Your Voice: TikTokYouTube
Control Your iPhone With Your Voice.
Safari Tabs Tips: TikTokYouTube
Get Your Safari Tabs Under Control.
Add Captions To Your Photos: TikTokYouTube
Quickly Add a Caption To Your Photos.
iPhone Voice Control: TikTok
You can swipe and do other things without even touching your iPhone.
3 Things To Try In the Calculator App: TikTokYouTube
3 Things To Try In the iPhone Calculator App
Measure Objects With Your iPhone: TikTokYouTube
Use Your iPhone To Measure Physical Objects
Music Timer: TikTokYouTube
Set a timer to stop playing music on your iPhone.
Add Captions To Your Photos: TikTokYouTube
You can add text directly on to the image of a photo so it appears when you share it online.
Creating PDFs On the iPhone: TikTok
PDFs on the iPhone: Creating a PDF from just about anywhere.
Marking Up PDFs On the iPhone: TikTok
PDFs on the iPhone: Viewing and marking up PDFs.
Splitting PDFs On the iPhone : TikTok
PDFs on the iPhone: Splitting PDFs
Screenshot Entire Web Pages: TikTokYouTube
Learn how you can screenshot the entire web page, not just the visible portion on your iPhone.
Picture-in-Picture On a Mac: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use picture-in-picture to view video on your Mac while you do other things.
iPhone Noise Generator: TikTokYouTube
Your iPhone has a built-in noise generator.
Type Accent Marks On a Mac: TikTokYouTube
Here is the easiest way to type accent marks on your Mac.
Translate Text On Your iPhone: TikTokYouTube
You can translate just about any text you see on your iphone or ipad.
Quick Math Calculations On Your Mac: TikTokYouTube
The easiest way to do quick math on your Mac.
FaceTime With Android Users: TikTokYouTube
You can FaceTime with Android or Windows users. Here’s how.
Maximize a Window On a Mac: TikTokYouTube
How to really maximize a window on a Mac.
Move Safari Tab Bar Back To the Top: TikTokYouTube
Switch the tab bar in Safari back to the top.
Keep Folders On Top: TikTokYouTube
You can set the Finder so folders are shown first when sorting alphabetically.
Make iPhone Text Bigger: TikTokYouTube
Make Text Bigger On the iPhone.
Arrange Or Remove Menu Bar Icons: TikTokYouTube
You can arrange and remove most buttons on the right side of your Mac menu bar.
iOS 15 Home Screens: TikTokYouTube
Rearrange, hide or delete entire screens of icons in iOS 15.
Mac Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: TikTok
Create custom Mac keyboard shortcuts.
Visual Lookup: TikTok
Check out Visual Lookup on your iPhone.
Apple History: The HP Calculator Story: TikTok
Think you can’t change the world because your bank account is empty? Think again. Think different.
Fun Facts About Apple Part 3: TikTokYouTube
Interesting facts about Apple, part 3.
Fun Facts About Apple Part 2: TikTokYouTube
Interesting facts about Apple. Part 2.
Fun Facts About Apple Part 1: TikTokYouTube
Some interesting facts about Apple that you may not know. Part 1.
Mac Photos App Editing Tools: TikTokYouTube
Have you ever tried to filter your photos using the Mac Photos App editing tools? Here’s an easy way to get started.
Paint Apps For the Mac: TikTokYouTube
Your Mac doesn’t come with a Paint app, but here are three good ones you can get in the Mac App Store, including one that is free.
macoS Retro Look: TikTokYouTube
Try this one checkbox in macOS Big Sur to give it a retro look.
Best Webcam For a Mac: TikTokYouTube
What’ll a good webcam for a Mac?
Do You Need Anti-Virus?: TikTokYouTube
Do you need anti-virus software on your Mac?
Is It a Good Time To Buy a Mac?: TikTokYouTube
Is it a good time to buy a new Mac? Depends on which Mac.
How I Record My YouTube Videos: TikTok
Here’s how I record my Mac video tutorials for YouTube.
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 1: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series.
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 2: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 3: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 4: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 5: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 6: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 7: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
How To Use iMovie For iPhone Part 8: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use iMovie on your iPhone in this 8-part series. Start with part 1!
Siri Funny Responses Part 3: TikTokYouTube
Real responses from Siri, including the most bizarre one of all!
Siri Funny Responses Part 2: TikTokYouTube
More funny responses from Siri.
Siri Funny Responses Part 1: TikTokYouTube
Actual funny responses you get from Siri. Try them!
Mac Tip: Save As: TikTokYouTube
How to “Save As” on a Mac.
Mac Tip: Library Folder: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to get to your user Library folder.
Mac Tip: Find Menu Bar Commands: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to search for Men Bar commands.
Mac Tip: Folder Sizes: TikTokYouTube
How to get the total size of all files in a folder on your Mac.
Mac Tip: Folder Name Emoji: TikTokYouTube
Make your files or folders stand out by using in names.
Mac Tip: Caps Lock: TikTokYouTube
Never accidentally turn on Caps Lock again.
Mac Tip: Desktop Icons: TikTokYouTube
Change how your Desktop shows files.
Mac Tip: Custom Folder Icons: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to customize Mac folder icons.
Mac Tip: Archive Files: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to compress and archive files and folders.#mactips
Batch Rename Files: TikTok
How to batch rename files on your Mac.
Don't Shut Down Your Mac: TikTokYouTube
Stop shutting down your Mac! Let it sleep instead.
Mac Menu Bar Look: TikTokYouTube
Don’t like the look of the macOS Menu Bar? Try this.
Mac Tip: Currency Conversions: TikTokYouTube
Convert currency values with current exchange rates using Spotlight on your Mac.
Using Your MacBook While Plugged In: TikTokYouTube
Should you be using your MacBook while it is plugged in?
Mac Tip: Declutter Your Desktop: TikTok
Declutter your Mac desktop.
Mac Tip: Back Up Your Mac: TikTokYouTube
Are you backing up your Mac?
Mac Tip: Spotlight Conversions: TikTokYouTube
You can convert measurements on your Mac using Spotlight.
Mac Tip: Do More With the Dock: TikTokYouTube
Do more with your Mac’s Dock.
Mac Tip: Spotlight Calculator: TikTokYouTube
Use Spotlight as a calculator.
Mac Tip: Switching Apps: TikTokYouTube
How to switch apps on a Mac with a keyboard shortcut.
Mac Tip: Hiding Apps: TikTokYouTube
Don’t click that yellow button! Instead learn how to hide apps the Mac way.
iPhone Tip: Repeat Message Notifications: TikTok
Set your iPhone to repeat your message notifications so you don’t miss anything.
Mac Tip: Launch Apps With Spotlight: TikTokYouTube
Mac Tip: Use Spotlight to launch apps.
iPhone Tip: Move Multiple App Icons: TikTokYouTube
Move multiple app icons at the same time on your iPhone.
iPhone Tip: Custom Vibrations: TikTokYouTube
Set custom vibrations for when you get messages or calls from specific people.
iPhone Tip: Level: TikTokYouTube
Use your iPhone as a level to hang pictures or build things.
New Emoji 2020: TikTok
Here are all of the new Emoji in iOS 14.
iPhone Tip: QR Codes: TikTokYouTube
How to use those QR code’s with your iPhone. No special app is needed!
iPhone Tip: Music Sleep Timer: TikTokYouTube
iPhone tip: You can set a sleep timer to turn off music after you fall asleep.
iPhone Tip: Tiny Up Your Safari Tabs: TikTokYouTube
Tidy up your iPhone’s Safari browser tabs with these two tips.
iPhone Tip: Save Anything As a PDF: TikTokYouTube
iPhone tip: Anything you can print you can also save as a PDF as long as you know this trick.
iPhone Tip: Back Tap: TikTokYouTube
Do you know about Back Tap on the iPhone? New for iOS 14. Check this out!
iPhone Tip: Text Replacements: TikTokYouTube
Learn how to use text replacement shortcuts on your iPhone to save time!