MacMost Now 103: Should You Upgrade Your iPhone?

Gary Rosenzweig looks at whether it is worth upgrading to the new iPhone 3G. It has faster Internet, GPS and comes in a 16GB version. But it has poor battery life, would require a new case, and costs more in the long run.

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    16 years ago

    You almost talked me out of upgrading as well. However, in spite of how little sense it makes, I am upgrading anyway. Not sure I'll do it Friday, and no chance I'll fight crowds to upgrade.

    Like you said, the software upgrade is more exciting than 3G and GPS.

    Thanks, I appreciate the podcasts and tutorials.

    16 years ago

    Very good and sensible review! Very helpful I thought for new and current iPhone users.
    I myself will hold off on updating. With so little hardware improvements, added costs and contract, I'm very happy with my first day release iPhone. Besides, knowing Apple, in a few months there maybe a 32BG iPhone and more space I can use!

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