Skip Face ID Quickly On Your iPhone

If you are wearing a face mask and Face ID isn’t working, you don’t need to wait to enter your passcode. Just swipe up and immediately tap the words Face ID in the middle of the screen to bring up the keypad.

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    Andy Messmer
    2 years ago

    Thank you so much for this tip! It's been driving me crazy! So easy.

    1 year ago

    i hope this is relevant enough for this post but here goes -
    i took the iOS update to 14.5 this morning thinking i would be able to use apple pay without having to wait for face recognition. after double clicking the side, it still required a passcode. i had previously set up a passcode for my watch and toggled the necessary options on my phone to allow all. was i wrong in thinking i'd be able to bypass entering my password when i make a transaction as long as i was wearing my watch?

    1 year ago

    Lauren: I thought the idea was you still had to use FaceID, but it would work with a mask on, as long as your Apple Watch was on and unlocked too.

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