Spotlight Dictionary Shortcut

One way to get the dictionary definition of a word is to use the Spotlight menu. Press Command+Space to activate it, then type the word, then press Command+D to skip the rest of the results and go right to the dictionary.

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    Melissa Caulk
    9 years ago

    Thanks I need this, tried it and worked perfectly.

    John Martin
    9 years ago

    Hi Gary, I am using Mac OS X 10.7.5 - Lion on my Intel iMac. Of course, Command+Space activates Spotlight. When I hold down the Command key, the computer brings up a window pointing to the Top Hit with detailed information about the Top Hit. So Command+D does not skip to the dictionary for me. Maybe I have to get Mountain Lion? Sincerely, John

      9 years ago

      Perhaps. I don't have Lion on my Macs so I can't try it.

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