Switching Between Apps With a Gesture

If you are using a MacBook or have a Magic Trackpad, then the handy three-finger swipe upward gesture may be the best way to switch between apps. Do this and you can quickly see all of the apps you have running and click one to jump to it. You can even pick the specific window you want to jump to.

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    Paul Jansen
    9 years ago

    Mountain Lion - 3 finger swipe does nothing. What am I missing?

      9 years ago

      Are you swiping upward? Do you have a model that supports multitouch gestures (all the recent years). Did you check in your System Preferences to see if you turned it off or assigned it to another function?

    Count Bartholamew Wipsneed
    9 years ago

    The reason it doesn't work is because it's a FOUR (4) finger swipe.

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