MacMost Now 330: Sync Files With Dropbox

Dropbox creates a folder on your drive that automatically syncs with a remote server. You can then access these files from your other Macs and iPhone, as well as share them with friends or everyone. It is a good way to keep a set of files in sync if you have more than one Mac.

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    George Brickner
    15 years ago

    It's also worth mentioning that Dropbox is available for Windows and Linux.

    I have two Macs (iMac and MacBook) and use Dropbox to sync files between them.

    Both Macs also have Bootcamp partitions so I can boot Windows 7. I also use Dropbox to sync the Win 7 side with the Mac side.

    I have Mobile Me but I'm letting it expire.

    Ken Smith
    15 years ago

    Just to add to what George said, besides syncing between multiple macs (which I do), its can really be a great tool for a mac user forced to use a windows machine at work. No more getting out the flash drive or emailing back and forth between home and office. I also let my MobileMe expire as between dropbox and gmail, there is really little need, especially at $99 a year. Also, If you get others to join dropbox, you can earn an additional 3GB of storage space for yourself...

    15 years ago

    Hi Gary!
    Forgot to pass on a "Thank you" from my son, for Dropbox!
    He thinks it's so cool. Also, he wants to point out if you go through all the steps in the "getting started" page at Dropbox they raise your Free account to 250MB of extra storage for a total of 2.5 GB.
    My son is one of your newest followers. :-)

    Don churchill
    13 years ago

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      13 years ago

      Try Dragon Dictate for iPhone. You still have to switch between apps, though.

    don churchill
    13 years ago

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      13 years ago

      It is because I am using a different microphone when I record the iPad screen. The quality changes.

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