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Using Image Capture To Scan Documents
Instead of trying to use the software provided by your scanner's manufacturer, use the built-in Image Capture app on your Mac instead. You can scan documents and photos with a variety of settings and options.
Building Your Own Cheap External SSD Drive For Your Mac

If you want something faster than an external hard drive, and better than a USB Flash drive, you can build an external SSD drive with an SSD and an enclosure. I built a 256GB USB 3.1 external SSD for less than $70 that works great on my Mac. Learn how to build your own.

10 Types Of Accessories You Should Consider Getting For Your Mac
There are lots of useful accessories you can get for your Mac, ranging from $4 to $500 or more. Take a look at 10 very useful accessories you can get, what they will do for you, how to search for one online and what to look for when purchasing.