MacMost: Notifications

Managing Badges On Your Mac, iPhone and iPad
Badges are the red dots with numbers in them you see in the Dock on your Mac and over App icons on your iPhone or iPad. You can hide them on an app-by-app basis and something customize what they represent.
How To Use the New Focus Modes On Your Mac
One of the best new features in macOS Monterey is Focus. You can now have multiple custom Do Not Disturb modes and easily switch between them. You can also set these modes to automatically start based on time, location or which app you are using.
How To Use Do Not Disturb On a Mac
Use Do Not Disturb to make sure notifications don't appear on yoru screen during meetings, online presentations or when you just want to get more work done. There are a variety of ways to turn on and off Do Not Disturb, and also a variety of settings to customize it.
How To Get Notifications Under Control On Your Mac
Take control of the notifications that appear at the top right corner of your Mac's screen and in Notification Center. Learn how to use the notifications, including hidden functionality like replying text messages right from the notification. Then find out how to turn them on, off, or modify them to fit your needs.