MacMost: System Preferences

Using Different Display Resolutions With Your Mac
You can set your display resolution to what you think looks best for your eyes and your use. Don't let anyone tell you that you should only use a particular resolution and don't worry too much about the performance warning.
Clean Up the Right Side of Your Menu Bar
The right side of your Mac's menu bar can get crowded with lots of menu bar icons from system settings or third-party apps. Learn how to remove some and access the same functions almost as easily.
7 Quick Ways To Access System Settings on a Mac
Learn how you can quickly get to the sections of System Settings on your Mac that you need the most.
7 Ways To Fix a Mac Keyboard That Is Not Working Correctly
If your Mac keyboard is acting strangely, such as keys typing the wrong characters, some keys not working, or symbols and variations appearing when you don't expect, it could come down to a setting you have changed.
Customizing Your Mouse Settings
f you use an Apple Magic Mouse with your Mac you should check out all of the customization settings. Even if you don't change anything, there are probably gestures you aren't aware of that you could be using.
Mac Lock Screen Settings
A new System Settings panel in macOS Ventura gives you control over when your Mac locks and what appears on the Lock Screen. It is important to review these settings and set them up to be as secure as possible for your situation.
Getting the Most From Hot Corners On Your Mac
Hot Corners allow you to assign functions to the four corners of your Mac's screen. Just move your mouse pointer to one of those corners to activate Mission Control, Notification Center, lock the screen and more.
10 Variations On How To Take Screenshots On a Mac
If you take a lot of screenshots, check out these productivity tips to make your captures go to the folder you want, save to a different location each time, go straight to the clipboard, go into the Photos app, and more.
Customizing Your Trackpad Settings
If you use a Trackpad with your Mac you should check out all of the customization settings. Even if you don't change anything, there are probably gestures you aren't aware of that you could be using.
How To Customize the Clock in Your Mac Menu Bar
Your Mac shows the date and time at the top right. You can customize this to only show the time and whether to include things like AM/PM, seconds, and the day of the week. This is more than just a display as it acts as a button for Notifications Center and Do No Disturb.
Set Your Mac Wallpaper To Change Automatically
If you want your Mac's Desktop background wallpaper to automatically change every hour or day, you can do it in System Settings, Wallpaper. However with the new look of System Settings in macOS Ventura, it can be hard to find the controls if you are used to the old System Preferences app.
Clean Up Your Mac’s Dock
Take the time to clean up and customize your Dock to improve your productivity. These 10 tips are quick and easy to do.
Quick Tips for Using Siri on Your Mac
You can customize how Siri works with a variety of settings. You can have Siri respond to different keyboard shortcuts or just your voice. You can also have Siri reply silently and let you make corrections if it misheard you. You can create your own Siri commands with Shortcuts.
How To Stop Getting So Many Notifications on Your Mac
If you are overwhelmed by notifications from apps and websites, here's how to get it under control. You can not only stop the ones you are getting now, but also prevent more from being added in the future.
Tips for Using the Ventura Print Dialog
When you want to print a document or web page you need to go through the Print Dialog on your Mac. This is where you set all of the options before sending the document to your printer. Learn how to use the new Print Dialog in macOS Ventura along with lots of tips and tricks.
20 Voice Control Dictation Tips
Dictation on the Mac is pretty powerful as long as you are using Voice Control Dictation instead of standard Dictation and you know some of the commands you can use to perfect your text.
8 Custom Keyboard Shortcut Tricks
Go beyond basic custom keyboard shortcuts on your Mac with these tricks. See how you can use a single key as a shortcut, launch apps, prevent yourself from accidentally quitting an app, reveal hidden menu commands and more.
Mac Language, Region and Input Sources Settings
Learn how to set and add languages to your Mac so you can see different apps with different Language settings. Find out how to change things like number separators and date formats using the Region settings. Use Input Sources to change how your keyboard works.
Using Mac Text Replacements
Text replacements are the ultimate typing productivity tool. You can add to a list of short special words that will then expand into longer phrases as you type. Learn how to add, edit and delete Text Replacements and lots of tips and tricks like how to import and export them.
Exploring Your Mac's Wi-Fi Settings
Learn how to use the Wi-Fi settings in macOS Ventura. You can pick the network you wish to join, customize it and use new options like Low Data Mode.