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Why Is Relocated Items On My Mac Desktop?
After updating macOS you may find a folder on your Desktop named "Relocated Items." Learn what it is, why it is there, and whether you can delete it. Short answer: yes, delete it.
Which Versions Of macOS Are Compatible With Your Mac?
If you are using an older version of macOS and are ready to update to a newer version, the first step is figuring out which versions of macOS your Mac can use. Apple provides compatibility information for each version, and you can find them all at as well. If you are looking to downgrade or to upgrade to a version not supported by your Mac, I have some general advice.
New Things To Check Out In macOS Big Sur 11.1
There are a few new features in macOS 11.1 you should know about. There are new News app widgets, a new default search engine option in Safari, and improvements for running iOS apps on M1 Macs.