Targeting Your Web Searches

With a simple change to how you type your search terms, you can target one website instead of the entire Internet. This is handy when you know the result you want is in a specific place.
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Here's a search tip that I use all the time. Like literally every day I use this. A lot of people just don't know about it.

You can search Goggle for anything you want. For instance, say you wanted to search for iPhone SD card reader. Just type that in the address bar here and you get tons of search results from all sorts of different web sites.

But say you really know what web site holds the answer to what you want. Like, for instance, say you wanted to find the iPhone SD card reader in the Apple Store. Well you can alter your search result by typing the word site then colon then the URL for a site. So for instance then put a space between that and the key words that you want.

Notice that there is no space around the colon. with no spaces. Then a space and then as many key words as you want. When I search for that in Goggle I will get only results that are So I've got I've got I've got Sure enough there's a link right to the product to the Apple Store which is what I really wanted.

I could use this for other things as well. For instance, say cracked iPhone screen. I can search just for Let's say if I wanted to see what people were discussing at then I could only get results that are

If I wanted to see like iPhone screen cleaner you can see there's the results for But I can change that to say and this is like doing a search only on I'm going to get pages that are only there.

You can type any URL you want there if you know the web site where your result should be and then type the search result. I use this Goggle hack all the time. Of course, it works not just on Mac. It will work on iPad, iPhone, or PC's. It's just a great thing and it really makes searching so much easier.

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    3 years ago

    Thanks. Have been using this one for several years.
    What is another google search ‘hack’ that you like?

    3 years ago

    Bob: A long time back I did a video on some:

    2 years ago

    hi, great video -as usual- You could also say about boolean operator in search, like AND OR RATHER.

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