Teaching Siri To Pronounce Your Name

If Siri mispronounces your name, you can teach it the proper pronunciation easily. You can also teach Siri how to pronounce other names in your contacts. Soon, with macOS Sierra, you can do the same on your Mac.

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    8 years ago

    Great video for names. How about other details in contacts. I live in a city with a difficult name to pronounce. Do you know if there are ways to teach siri to pronounce city names as well? When I say the name of my city to Siri, she never understands what word I said. This has bugged me for quite a while. If I ask to find a business in my city, she never understands the name that is being spoken. I would be great if someone could address this issue.

    8 years ago

    No way to teach Siri something like this in a just-for-you kind of way like you can with contacts. You'll need to report the issue to Apple. Try http://www.apple.com/feedback, though there is no Siri category. I'd submit it under iPhone maybe?

    Joe Finkelstein
    8 years ago

    Gary, Tried to get Siri to correctly pronounce Tirza Ziv. Should be Tear´za (as in ear) and Zeev. Keeps coming out like Terza Ziv (live with short i). Any ideas? Thanks.

    Tom Sepull
    8 years ago

    Gary, I have the same problem as Joe. My last name is pronounced with a long e, like See Pull. Siri keeps saying Se, (like Said without the d) Pull. Siri can't replicate an "ee" sound? Strange. I even added the pronunciation field to my contact info. Neither works. Do you know any work-arounds? Thanks, Tom

    Bre Lauterbach
    8 years ago

    Total failure with Siri on both first and last name!
    (same failing results over 7 tries)
    Instead of "Breee" got "B-r-e" and "Bray"
    The "t" in Lauterbach was constantly changed to a "d" even when I overly stressed it

    Timo Kamberger
    8 years ago

    Gary, In German i ve got the problem, that Siri pronounce in "Music" brandnames like U2 in german aswell: "uzwei". Is there a way to change the pronunciation for some bands into english? Do u have an idea on that?

    8 years ago

    All: Sorry, no suggestions beyond just trying the feature. Hopefully Siri will continue to get better over time.

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