MacMost Now 315: Telling Good Apple Rumors From Bad

Learn how to spot whether an Apple rumor is valid. Many Apple rumors have no source and don't fit with the company's past. Find out what to look for so you can decide for yourself which rumors make the most sense.

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    14 years ago

    Yeah I agree with your thoughts on this one. The issue is that there are now so many Apple rumor sites now that they need content to keep visitors clicking through to generate ad there is an incentive to keep up with the content no matter how baseless it is.

    There is also need by dedicated "Mac Fans" for a continual flow of 'news' and rumor to satisfy their thirst for all things Apple so they lap up this content (just about any content) at all.

    David Beck
    14 years ago

    I also ask if Apple has something to add that others don't.

    When it comes to the tablet, I don't think Apple will release one. I am sure that they are testing the idea and making prototypes, but tablets haven't been very successful.

    I used to have a Lenovo tablet that was really fun to play with and really cool, but once the wow factor wore off, I ended up using just like any other laptop.

    What really makes me laugh is the rumors that the tablet will be $600.

    14 years ago

    I really like your podcasts.

    Found it here:


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