The 7 Skills You Need To Learn To Master Numbers

In order to use Numbers to its fullest, first master these essential skills before worrying about functions.

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    Claudio Silvaggi
    1 year ago

    thanks bro!

    1 year ago

    Useful as ever. Have used sorting many times but never(?) used the filtering facility. Time to give it a go.

    1 year ago

    Wow, I’ve been using Numbers forever and thought I wasn’t bad at it, yet I was missing a couple of your basics. Subscribing to MacMost has been more constructive than I can say!

    Umesh Kumar
    1 year ago

    Excellent. I do hope you do he same for Pages,

    1 year ago

    Fantastic - I have been a life-long user of Excel because I didn't realise that numbers had capabilities that I needed. Guess I have a long period ahead of me moving Excel files to Numbers! As always thank you Gary

    1 year ago

    There I was, a lifelong Excel user (Lotus 123 and others before that), wondering wtf was happening and why wasn’t Numbers behaving correctly. I had a set of assumptions. Wrong! Gary shining a light in his inimitable way. Namasté.

    Dr. Saleh Al Saleh
    1 year ago

    Dear I am looking for your hellp.currently I am using MacBook Pro m2 excel app to enter space into sentence I have press Shift with space bar together before I update it to llastest only I press space bar to insert gap into sentence

    1 year ago

    Saleh: Try turning off System Settings, Accessibility, Keyboard, Full Keyboard Access. If that doesn't work, call Apple Support.

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