The Apple Museum in Prague

Take a look at the Apple Museum in Prague, a collection of Apple hardware and Steve Jobs memorabilia. You can see the evolution of the Apple computer, Mac, iPod, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. This great museum is a must-see for any Apple fan passing through the Czech Republic.
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Hi, today I'm in Prague, the Czech Republic. What's special here for Apple users is the world's only Apple Museum. The museum traces the history of Apple from the Apple 1 all the way to, around, 2012 when it opened. It does this by showing you exhibits with the hardware in them so it's basically a huge collection of hardware starting with the Apple 1 that you see here and continuing through with some of the early Macs, even Lisa here. It has these great display cases where you can really walk around a lot of the different computers to see them from all angles. It's basically just this great history of Apple through its hardware.

So I've owned a lot of these here. I had the D3 tower, the G4 tower after that. I've had this PowerMac Tower for many years. I've worked with a lot of these. There's the current MacBooks. Not quite to today but this museum goes up to about 2012. I've owned several of these as well. This is one of my favorite ones over here. I loved the G4 iMac right here. I still have one in a box. I can't bring myself to throw it away. It's just so beautiful. Of course all these different iMacs here.

This museum has dozens and dozens of different models on display. They're beautifully displayed. You can walk around and see most of them going from Apple's they've got iPhones and iPads and all the different, you know, Lisa, different variations, special variations that Apple created. Even the Newton MessagePad. Come on over here.

There are special things like remember this Apple graphics tablet. Some of you may have had that. Here's all the different Newtons. I had the message attaching pallet at some point. They created this special educational version of it. Here's some of the early, obsolete now, Apple did some of the first digital cameras and I played with the QuickTake 100. I had one at work for a long time.

Here you've got some of the evolution of the mice and the keyboards over the years. How it's evolved. Look at how big that first one was. They have these great timelines of here's all the iPods. Here's the first one and going through the whole line pretty much since 2012 when the museum was created. Pretty much that's close to the end of the iPod line anyway.

So they've got all this great stuff here. It's a great look at the history. It's very Steve Jobs centric. There's Steve Jobs quotes everywhere. Like over here on this wall, the advertising campaign's that Steve Jobs oversaw. It really seems to be just as much as Steve Jobs museum as an Apple museum.

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    Claes Isacson
    8 months ago

    Very cool!
    Just wanted to thank you for sharing this.
    Still miss your old mac shelves ”backdrop”. ;)
    Keep up the great work!
    // Claes, old retro mac collector from Sweden

    Frank Johnson
    8 months ago

    Very cool!!!

    Bob madison
    8 months ago

    Very nice. Great to see the Lisa. Worked for the company who was building the bare circuit boards for Lisa till they got the sorry but dump every thing.

    8 months ago

    Wow! It is so heartening to learn that someone has done this. It can be so hard to trace the history of so many great inventions. The original Kenwood Chef, for instance—probably because it’s of interest only to women. If I had a glass of wine handy I’d propose a toast to the Czech Republic. ;-)

    Andrea Grasselli
    8 months ago

    Nice video, Gary!
    There is another Apple Museum in Savona, Italy:
    Have a nice trip through Europe!

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