The Guide To Using Mac Status Menu Icons

Status Menus, also called Menu Bar Icons, are the small menus that appear on the right side of your Mac's menu bar. Learn how to arrange, remove and add them. Find out how access hidden features and functions. Get more from third-party apps. See how you can access them with your keyboard and other tricks.

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    Annemarie Godston
    4 years ago

    Thanks. I had lost my emoji icon in the menu bar and was missing taught me how to get it back! Hurray!

    4 years ago

    Very useful information for me, besides, the hidden bar app is excellent (restart mac to activate it)
    Thank you!

    Daisy Bell
    3 years ago

    I am desperately trying to add a keyboard shortcut to a sub menu in a Status Menu app like iCollections. I can add any shortcut to Menu bar commands (top left) in System prefs but it never recognises my shortcut for Status Menu items (top right). Any help would be greatly appreciated... if it can be done. Thank you.

    3 years ago

    Daisy: No, you can't do that for items under status menus. The developer of the app would need to do that.

    Dave Curtis
    3 years ago

    high sierra ;randomly after startup entire wifi dropdown menu shifts or moves 'up' by one line while attempting to click on desired network. irregular event. any ideas? thanks

    3 years ago

    Dave: No solution, sorry. If it is irregular I would just ignore it since you are using an old outdated system anyway.

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