The New macOS Ventura Clock App

The Clock app brings four new functions to your Mac: World Clocks, Alarms, Stopwatch and Timers. You can also access timers and alarms with Siri, Spotlight or using the Shortcuts app.

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    Douglas Cooper
    1 year ago

    Can the clock be placed on the desktop?

    1 year ago

    Douglas: No, but you can see the time already in the menu bar.

    Mark Flannery
    1 year ago

    This was very helpful, thanks

    Tim McLellan
    1 year ago

    Hi, i can't find a way to sync macOS clock with iPhone clock app Is there a way?

    1 year ago

    Tim: No. They are independent. Probably because people wouldn't like their office Mac sounding an alarm in the morning when they want to have that on their iPhone next to the bed.

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