The Top New Features of macOS Mojave

The new macOS has many new useful and exciting features. Take a quick look at Dark Mode, Dynamic Desktop, Gallery View, Quick Actions, Continuity Camera, Desktop Stacks, a new screen shot method, new apps like News, and much more.
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Over the coming weeks I'm going to be talking about a lot of the new features in macOS Mojave. So let's take an overview right now and look at some of the best features. So here's one. Inside of System Preferences, in General, you can now switch to Dark Mode. Dark mode gives you dark backgrounds with light text. It works throughout the system and in a lot of apps as well. You also have Accent Color, at the bottom here just underneath. You have the ability to change the accent color from the default there.

You also have something called Dynamic Desktops. Under Desktop Screen Saver you can go in and you can choose the default Mojave Dynamic desktop which will change over the course of the day. There's also another one that's just basically a solid gradient. You can also choose the standard desktop backgrounds as well.

Now looking in the Finder we've got a new view called Gallery View. This is the fourth view after icon, list, column, and now it's Gallery View instead of cover flow. Gallery view gives you the files at the bottom. You can see a nice preview of it here. Also the Preview pane on the right has the ability to show lots of information. So you can hit the Show More button here and you can see you could get lots of information depending upon what you've got in the left side here. Whether it's an image or whatever.

You also have Actions called Quick Actions underneath. So, for images, for instance, I can rotate left. For video I can trim. There's always a markup tool for things like PDF and image files as well. You can add more like Create PDF or third party apps can add more of these quick actions as well.

On the left side you have some changes to the Sidebar. Now it's Favorites, iCloud, and Locations. So that's the main categories you've got there now. On the Desktop you've got something called Stacks. So if I were to put a bunch of images, say, on the Desktop here and then I wanted to kind of clean my desktop up a little bit. I can turn on Stacks and it will group things like images altogether in one stack. I can expand them and bring them back like that.

You also have the ability to see the recent apps you're using here on the right side of the Dock. So the Dock has three sections. The left side which is applications like before. The right side which is documents, folders, and the trash. Then you have this middle section here which shows you currently running apps that aren't on the left side of the Dock and apps you've recently run. So you can easily get back to them. This is similar to iOS.

System Updates are now under System Preferences. So when you go into System Preferences there's software update there for the system. You still update apps in the App Store app.

So one of my favorite new features is something called Continuity Camera. That is the ability, in an app like Preview or in anything that you can bring an image in, you can bring an image in from your iPhone or iPad. Here I don't have an iPhone or iPad using this Apple ID but I'll show you in a future tutorial how you can actually bring one in using your iPhone as a camera and it instantly brings it in.

In addition to that you've also got a new way to capture the screen. The old keyboard shortcut still works but you can do Shift, Command, 5 and you can now bring up this little control strip here where you can capture the entire screen, a window, a portion of it. You can do a screen recording to video. You can choose options like where to Save and whether there's a delay in the capture and that kind of thing. So you have much expanded keyboard shortcut for screen capture. You just have to remember one thing. Shift, Command, 5 and that's how you bring that about.

You've also got a lot of new apps. For instance, here's the News app which is from iOS and now works on Mac as well. In addition to News you've got a Stocks app, you've got Voice Memos as well and even a Home app so you can actually control lights and power and stuff in your home from your Mac as well as from iOS devices.

There's also a Rewritten DVD player app if you still have an optical drive it's now 64 bit compatible. So that app will live on for at least a few more years. The Books app is new. It's basically a redesigned iBooks app with a new store in it. But other than that it's really just kind of a minor update.

One last thing I want to show you is in Safari now you can bring up Tabs as before. So I can do multiple tabs and you can turn on the icons for that. So I can go into Preferences and I can, under the Tabs, you can see it has Show website icons in tabs. Turn that on and then you can see the tabs. You can see the Apple logo next to Apple. You can see the MacMost logo next to MacMost.

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    Gene H
    7 months ago

    Thanks for the video, too bad Continuity Camera doesn’t allow ScreenShots
    Gene H

    7 months ago

    Gene: No, but you can now take a screenshot and instantly AirDrop it without saving it to your Photos library.

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