To Do Items Inside of Mail Notes

So in Apple Mail you can compose messages and “Notes.” A note is like a message that stays in your mailbox. A message to yourself, in a way. Did you know that you can also call out lines in Notes as To Do items? Just choose File, New Note. Then after you write down some things, select a line and press the To Do button at the top of that window. The line will not only get a checkbox next to it, but it will also be added to your To Do list that you can access in Mail and in iCal.

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    Richard B
    8 years ago

    When I delete a note in my email inbox it also deletes the note in ‘NOTES’. When deleting emails I am in danger of accidentally deleting a note as well. Is it possible to seperate email deletions from note deletions?

      8 years ago

      Just move the notes to a different mailbox. Or, perhaps get in the habit of archiving your emails instead of deleting them (why not?).
      You can also go to Mail, Preferences, Composing. Look for “Create notes in” — maybe have your notes be a part of a different account that archives everything instead of deleting them, like iCloud or Gmail. Lots of ways to adjust how you work to avoid this problem.

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