Splitting iTunes Libraries

Gary from MacMost.com shows us how to split up your iTunes Library to make multiple libraries for your music collection.
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    17 years ago

    Hi, I am new to a Mac and first want to say thank you for creating video tutorials. My concern is the speed in which they are delivered. Please slow down! The speed is way too fast for someone who is not a techi/new to MAC's to actually retain/understand without having to watch it twice. This can cause frustration in the learner and could potentially discourage new MAC users from the product.

    17 years ago

    is this possible to do on a pc?

    Niall Carson
    16 years ago

    thanks for this tutorial, keep up the good work. there is a lot of stuff in osx and its hard to remember it all!

    splitting up accounts
    15 years ago

    dear i tunes,
    I have a few questions about i tunes and I was wondering if you could help me with them. My sister and I share an account and I no longer want it that way. Is there a way to split the two accounts up with out deleting all of my songs?
    If there is a way, if she could pick the songs that she purchased out of her old account and download them on to her new account for free?

    I really want my own account so please email me back at lulularson@gmail.com

      15 years ago

      If you want a reply from Apple, you should probably try to contact them directly through support. They will probably not see this comment.

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