MacMost Now 9: Ultra-Portable MacBook Rumors

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at rumors of lightweight ultra-portable MacBooks possibly coming out in January. He talks about Flash NAND memory replacing hard drives, and which machines use them now. He also looks at Sony and Toshiba ultra-portables and speculates on what Apple might come out with.

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    16 years ago

    Wow, hope it's more then just rumor!
    Your reasoning on Apple making an over size iPhone/ iTouch interface type MacBook makes a lot of sense to me. I love my iPhone and get a lot done on it for work and home...
    Having that same interface on a MacBook or Apple tablet would be a big plus for the job or travel!
    I hope "Steve" is tuning in to your podcast. :-)

    krishnendu sarkar
    16 years ago

    i think apple will come up with an ultra portable laptop, which has a hard drive instead of flash drive. but it'll have a touch screen instead of keyboard.and it'll definitely not be a tablet.

    16 years ago
    Queenie Ross
    14 years ago

    I'm fascinated by the diverse range of views and opinions. Who's your "go to" guy?

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