Updates To Pages, Numbers and Keynote Bring a Few New Features

Pages, Numbers and Keynote

Apple issued updates to its three office apps today, bringing some small new features to the applications. Pages now has a table of contents view to help navigate through a document and you can now use alignment guides on master pages. Keynote can now be used to create animated GIF images. Numbers has some smart categories enhancements.

All three apps have performance enhancements and also the new ability to save custom shapes and templates so they sync with iCloud to all of your devices. In addition, it appears that the iOS versions of these apps have added some of the features of the Mac versions, to bring the apps closer together in capabilities. You can get the updates through the Mac App Store and iOS App Store.

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    Dennis Craig
    1 year ago

    Will you be adding an update to your Udemy lessons with these enhancements?

    1 year ago

    Dennis: I may. I will certainly be covering them here in videos this next week. I may add a new lesson for the new features to the Keynote course and the Pages course like I have done in the past.

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