MacMost Now 234: Upgrading the Memory on Your Mac

Learn how you can update the memory in your Mac. Check out where you can buy memory and how to figure out what type of memory your Mac needs. Then find out where you can get instructions on how to install new memory.

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    15 years ago


    That was very useful. Thank you, I have been considering upgrading my memory for some time. I may even upgrade the memory of my MacBook, too ;-))

    Also, maybe you get that dog in the background near the end his own show!!

    Vicki B.
    11 years ago

    Do you still have to "ground yourself" when installing memory? I used to work at Microsoft, as a peon. But anyway, the guy who put in my memory always attached something to his wrist and then picked up the memory thing with a tweezer that was attached to the unit and then installed the memory.
    When I asked what the world he was doing, he said you have to ground yourself, I think so you don't get shocked.
    Do you still have to put that thing around your arm and use a clip to apply the memory?

      11 years ago

      It is a good idea to do that whenever working with any electronics. Static electricity could cause a spark and damage things.

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