Use Spotlight Instead of Contacts

Next time you need to look up a phone number or email address of a contact, use the Spotlight menu instead of launching the Contacts app. Just a quick Command+Space and start typing the name of the contact and you get the basic information right there. You can roll over a phone number or email address and click on a button to the right to send a message or email. You can also just press the Return key to open up Contacts right to that person for full access to all information.

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    Ken Kenton
    11 months ago

    Huh? It pulled up every mention of the name in iCloud, Dropbox and Documents, but NOT in the contact app.

    11 months ago

    Ken: Any chance you turned off Contacts in your System Preferences, Spotlight?

    John Carter
    11 months ago

    This technique also works for the iPad and iPhone. Just pull down on any page to get the search bar and type in a name.

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