Use Spotlight Instead of Contacts

Next time you need to look up a phone number or email address of a contact, use the Spotlight menu instead of launching the Contacts app. Just a quick Command+Space and start typing the name of the contact and you get the basic information right there. You can roll over a phone number or email address and click on a button to the right to send a message or email. You can also just press the Return key to open up Contacts right to that person for full access to all information.

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    Ken Kenton
    4 years ago

    Huh? It pulled up every mention of the name in iCloud, Dropbox and Documents, but NOT in the contact app.

    4 years ago

    Ken: Any chance you turned off Contacts in your System Preferences, Spotlight?

    John Carter
    4 years ago

    This technique also works for the iPad and iPhone. Just pull down on any page to get the search bar and type in a name.

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