Use Spotlight Menu as a Calculator

Need to perform a quick calculation? Instead of launching Calculator, or going to the Dashboard, just go to the Spotlight Menu at the top right corner of your screen and type. For instance, typing 2+2 gives you the answer. You can get more complex than that, of course. The keyboard shortcut of Command+Space works as well. So Command+Space 2+2 gets you the answer quickly, no matter what application you are running at the time.

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    13 years ago

    "2+2" opens the calculator on my iMac (10.6.4) without an answer!

      13 years ago

      Right. The answer is up in the spotlight menu. Type Command+Space then 2+2 and you see the answer in the spotlight menu: 2+2 = 4
      Pressing return will then open up the calculator, but the equation isn't transferred to it.

    11 years ago

    For some reason my spotlight will not calculate or search for applications for no apparent reason. Help?

      11 years ago

      Is it simply in the middle of re-indexing? Have you tried the normal stuff like logging out and back in (or restarting)?

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