Using Handoff To Copy Text, Images and Files Between Your Apple Devices

The handoff feature of macOS and iOS allows you to use a Universal Clipboard to copy text, images, files or just about anything between your devices. You can use this to copy and paste text and images between documents while working with two or more devices. You can also transfer entire files this way, which is actually easier than using AirDrop in many situations.

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    5 years ago

    I have found that Handoff does not work so well when my Apple devices are connected to WiFi via VPN. Have you experienced this?

    5 years ago

    PJ: I haven't noticed, but I'm only using a VPN when traveling, so I probably don't come across it. Makes sense though that a VPN would interfere. I'm wondering if it is the software of the specific VPN you are using which may be blocking Wi-Fi traffic that isn't going through the VPN?

    Marj Green
    5 years ago

    In Files, on an iPhone, is there anyway to copy and paste a pdf file?

    5 years ago

    Marj: Yes. You can tap and hold a file and then select copy. You can tap and hold a blank area, like at the bottom of the list of files, to paste or move a file.

    russell winkler
    5 years ago

    Regarding Handoff on my 2014 MBP, everything works except when my iPhone 6S/Plus rings it will not pop-up on my MBP. It pops up occasionally, but that is rare.

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