Using Multiple Tables And Lookup In Numbers

There are many advantages to using multiple tables in a single spreadsheet in Numbers. Take a look at how you can use two tables with the LOOKUP function to make computations easier. The LOOKUP function will grab data from another table by looking up a value in one column and returning the value of another.

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    Don Wyman
    10 years ago

    Another great job; informative and fun use of tables in Numbers. Thanks for the learning opportunity.

    Brian O'Hara
    10 years ago

    How can you create a drop down/pop up menu of products in that column in the second table using the entries in table 1 ?

      10 years ago

      You can't populate a menu with contents from a table.

    Donna Woeckener
    10 years ago

    I have two tables, one is for Jan -Jun, the other is for July-Dec. I want to take the total sales from table 1, and have a formula add it to the sales for July-Dec to get a grand total. How can I do that?

      10 years ago

      Start a new formula. Type =. Click on the total in the first table. Type +. Click on the total in the second table.

    David Berger
    10 years ago

    Thank-you Gary, this, I think, is exactly what I need to keep track of behavior percentages of my students!! Awesome job!

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