Using Photos Memories On Your Mac

Your Photos app on your Mac will occasionally suggest groups of photos to view as Memories. You can view the photos in the Memory, or watch it as a slideshow. You can also save Memories and let Photos know if you'd like to see fewer memories like the one you are viewing.

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    becky kurtz
    3 years ago

    More tutorials on Photos please.

    Mike Glick
    3 years ago

    How can I move or resize the facial recognition circle and name in photos .

    3 years ago

    Mike: You can't, but you can add your own in the Info panel.

    Liz Babb
    3 years ago

    If I understand Mike's question, you CAN change the size of the facial recognition circle &the name in A photo. If you mean in the People area of the Photos App, then I concur with Gary, you can't change the size there. In an actual photo, you click on the little beige circle on the edge of the face circle and swipe up or down with your mouse/gesture and it makes the circle bigger/smaller. You click on the circle's outline to drag it to be right over the face.

    3 years ago

    How to send to friends, the photo memories that iPhoto are making

    3 years ago

    Meg: Click the Share button at the top of Photos (looks like a box with an up arrow) and share from there. It creates a video.

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