MacMost Now 605: Using QR Codes

QR Codes are barcode-like boxes of dots that you can find in magazines, posters, signs and business cards. They usually represent web page addresses. You can use free apps on your iPhone to easily scan these codes and see where they lead. You can also make your own QR Codes using free web services.

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    Richard Greene
    12 years ago

    Didn't know it was that easy to get and use QR code. Thanks, as always, for useful video tips and instruction!

    Tabgrip for Ipad
    12 years ago

    This is some good information to know! Didn't actually think that this would be easier than the usual find. I'am a fan of these QR Codes, your constantly updated reports are a sure way to help mobile phone users as well.

    12 years ago

    you give great info and i always check you out first when i need to know something
    Thanks Gazza

    Kevin Strittmatter
    12 years ago

    I found this video to be very informative and easy to understand.

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