MacMost Now 745: Using Reminders in OS X

The new Reminders app lets you create quick little notifications to remind you to do things at specific times, locations, or just to add to your to-do list. The reminders sync with iCloud to your other Macs and iOS devices.

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    Murray A
    9 years ago

    I had removed reminders from my dock as I thought it was just a stagnant app that I had to bring up each time to check. Had no idea of the power behind it in the other applications. Thank you!

    9 years ago

    Where is the reminders app? Do you get it from the app store or is it already on my system when I download mountain lion?

      9 years ago

      It is something you get when you install Mountain Lion.

    9 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    Thanks for all your great episodes on Apple. Just one quick question – would reminders work appropriately as a task/to do manager like Things/Wunderlist etc.?
    All the best, Kolja

      9 years ago

      That all depends on what you want from a task/to do manager. For some it will work fine, for others they will want other features. For some people a simple text document works fine. Try it and determine if it fits your needs.

    Stephen Cromie
    9 years ago

    Thanks very much. Any idea how to import tasks from Todo into Reminders?

      9 years ago

      Depends on your situation. It might happen automatically when you upgrade. But I wouldn’t count on it. You probably have to re-enter them manually. I’d save them all out since there are no to-do items in Calendar in MLion, so there is not “from” to go “to” Reminders.

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