Using Smart Categories (Pivot Tables) in Mac Numbers

Version 5.2 of Numbers brings a new/old feature, Smart Categories. This is similar to the old Categories feature in Numbers prior to 2013, and similar to Pivot Tables in Excel. Using Smart Categories is relatively simple, however, as you simply group together similar rows and allows you to see totals, averages, counts and other data pertaining to those groups.

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    Cromie Stephen
    6 years ago

    Gary, any idea how to order the sub-categories? E.g. I have a wine index and have categories of White and Red; and sub-categories of year to drink. But the years don't appear in order, but random: 2019 before 2018 before 2020. Any way to order them? Thanks.

    6 years ago

    Cromie: The sort should follow the sort placed on that column. So if the dates are in column B, then click on the B heading and choose the Sort to be by date.

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