MacMost Now 126: Using Your Mac and Wii Together

Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to view music, photos and video from your Mac on your Wii using Wii Transfer. You can also use your Wii Remote with your Mac as a wireless mouse.

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    16 years ago

    This show was interesting. After sinking money into a Wii, for $19 more you can have a poor man's Apple TV. Not bad really, especially if you don't have an HD TV to run an Apple TV.

    Robert Howell
    16 years ago

    I'm waiting for someone to tell me how to use my ps3 with my macbook pro.

      14 years ago

      use "Playback" by yazoft. AMAZING!!

    16 years ago

    Robert: Look into Nullriver's MediaLink software. That should do it for you. Unfortunately I don't have a PS3 to try it myself.

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