MacMost Now 872: Using Your MacBook As a Scanner

You can come up with creative solutions using combinations of apps on your Mac. For instance, to scan documents with your MacBook's camera, you can use Photo Booth to take the pictures, and then Preview to flip them and convert them to a single PDF document. This could be a good alternative to using the copy machine while doing school research.

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    jac mills
    11 years ago

    Gary: That book looks like a "How-To" book for Macs you held. Is that the case, and if so where can I buy one?Thanks jac mills

    11 years ago

    Thanks Gary. That was illuminating..

    Dave Wilma
    11 years ago

    This is a great tip Gary. I have used an IOS device for making copies at the libary and the advantage to using the camera in the Macbook Pro is that you can use TWO hands to keep the book open. You get confused images while juggling an open book and the IOS device. This makes it so much easier.

    Timothy Serra
    11 years ago

    Awesomely simple way to use my MacBook Pro . Thanks and I 'll try to actually to do this on my next trip to the library . Also might get ambitious and use my iPad. Thanks again, Tim

    11 years ago

    Gary, I never tought of that, you can't imagine how I going to be using this tip, it will open new ways to send proofs.

    11 years ago

    You can flip or auto-flip directly with the Edit menu in Photo Booth.

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