View an App’s Graphics With Preview

Go into your Applications folder and drag and drop an application on to Preview. Preview will open the app and show you all sorts of graphs stored within: icons, screens, samples, etc. A great way to get icons and buttons for tutorials or prototypes.

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    Gordon Dunlop
    10 years ago

    Do not understand the part in the first sentence "on to Preview." Where is "Preview"? Thanks

    Dan Shipman
    10 years ago

    This is ultra-cool. I'm not sure if Gordon was confused like me, but I first opened two Applications windows and tried dragging an application icon onto the Preview icon in the second window. This does not work. You have to drag the application icon onto the Preview icon in the Dock! That works. (Be sure the Preview icon is in the Dock, which is a Mac OS default, but if it isn't there, just drag the Preview icon from the Applications window into the Dock. Hope this helps some. : )

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