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A new feature for Apple Music subscribers is the ability to view lyrics for most songs. You can view them in iTunes in Sierra while the song is playing, or in the Music app in iOS 10.
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Hi, this is Gary with On today's episode let me show you how to view lyrics with Apple Music.

So mixed in with the release of Sierra and iOS 10 is also an update of iTunes in the Music App that includes a really cool feature for Apple Music users that allows you to view lyrics. It downloads lyrics from the internet for any song that you're listening to. Now not every song, but most songs seem to have lyrics.

So, for instance, here David Bower's Heroes. I'm playing that song. I've got it paused right now. I can click on this button up here and in addition to Up Next and History I can see Lyrics and I can see the lyrics for this song.

So you can see the lyrics for any song that you are currently viewing. Kind of a neat feature.

If you go to this mode for iTunes you also have Up Next, History, and Lyrics as well. So you can view it and actually as the songs play you will always see the lyrics for the currently playing song.

So here's the same thing on the iPhone. You press the three dots button on the bottom right and you will see there's a Lyrics button there. It only appears, of course, if lyrics are available for this song and it brings up the lyrics. It downloads them from the internet so you have to have an internet connection and, of course, like I said before this is a feature of Apple Music so if you're not an Apple Music subscriber you won't see that Lyrics button for any of the songs.

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    Milner Erlank
    3 years ago

    Hmm? According to my Apple account, I do have an Apple Music subscription, but nothing on my iTunes remotely compares with your demo. The options are ‘For you’, relating to my supposed music preferences, and ‘Browse’ which connects me to the music library. any ideas.I am not in the US.

    3 years ago

    Milner: Sounds like you are behind on your iTunes updates. The current version os The 12.5 update was a major one, with a huge facelift to Apple Music.

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