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When you view movie trailers on YouTube or other sites, you often have to sit through advertisements to see the trailer. This means you are watching an ad before you get to the trailer, which is essentially an ad itself. Apple gives you a site where you can watch high-definition trailers without ads. In addition, you can use Siri or Spotlight to go right to a trailer. On iOS, there is even an official Apple Movie Trailers app.
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Here's something I find super annoying. You're online and you want to watch a movie trailer you may end up at a site like this one, a movie review site, you may end up at a site where you buy tickets, all well respected sites and generally pretty good except when you go to watch a movie trailer which is usually an advertisement for the movie. You will get an ad before the trailer. So here. Ad one of one. I'm already asking to see an ad. I'm want to see an ad for the movie. I don't want to see an ad on the ad. So, is there a way around this?

Well, there is. Pretty much the oldest site online for movie trailers is one from Apple. You can just go to The site has been around for a long, long time. Longer than most of the other sites that show movie trailers. Apple will not only show you movie trailers there aren't even any ads in addition to the trailers on the site at all. You can see almost all the trailers. A lot of times I see them appear here before they even appear at other sites. When you go to watch a trailer here you don't get any advertising before and you get a nice high definition version of the trailer.

Not only that, but you can have Siri look up the trailer for you. So you don't have to go through all that. For instance, Show me the movie trailer for They Shall Not Grow Old. Siri replies, here's your trailer. So you can see it takes me right to for that movie. You can also do the same in Spotlight. You can see here it appears under Movies. So if I click on that I can see here there's a trailer link. Click on that and it takes me to that same page.

So this is a really handy service from Apple. It annoys me when I have to see an ad before a trailer. It also annoys me when I see somebody else going through an ad, or maybe a series of ads, before they actually get to the trailer when there's an easy way to watch your trailers without all of that nonsense.

On iOS, in addition to going to the site, there's also an app that you can get from Apple. So you can just get that app and look for movie trailers there.

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    3 months ago

    unfortunately iTune Movie Trailers isn’t available in Australian Region.

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