MacMost Now 25: Web Save Net Share iTunes Playlist

Gary Rosenzweig answers viewer questions about saving Web pages, sharing a network connection and creating a podcast playlist.

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    16 years ago

    Cool questions on this week's show.
    I know this is not what the viewer wanted exactly but a cool app for web saving in PDF format is Tasty Apps Web Snapper. It'll place a button on top of Safari, click and save web page as PDF. You are given the choose of multi pages as one PDF file too. It's not free but only $8.00 US for the light version.

    I use Apple Airport Extreme and run my Ethernet through it and everyone in the house (four Mac's) log in wirelessly on my one account. No troubles with speeds, downloads, etc. Plus my wife still can have her phone line plugged into her PowerBook for her Ebay Faxes, or to change over to her Ebay dial up site and when she logs off, she's back on wireless with out having to do a thing.
    She runs Tiger, I run Leopard.

    Hope this helps.

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