Where To Get Games For Your Mac

There are three main places you can find, buy and download games for your Mac. The Mac App store is the obvious place, but there are also two well-established sites that sell a variety of top titles. In addition, we may soon have a fourth option when Apple launches the Apple Arcade.

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    Jim Whitmire
    5 years ago

    There is another place. You can go to "Big Fish Games" and find lots of games for the mac, nicely kept apart from the windows games.

    Mustang Five
    5 years ago

    Piggybacking on the recommendation of GOG for older games: Another site that has LOTS of older games - as well as Classic Mac OS applications, utilities, programming tools, operating systems, etc., and classic Mac emulators like SheepShaver and Basilisk II - is MacintoshRepository.org. All the abandonware your Classic Mac-loving heart desires!

    5 years ago

    got most of my games from their daily specials at HumbleBundle.com and Indigala.com and Indigala.com sometimes their bundles are mac only, sometimes Windows

    5 years ago

    Is there a security threat not going through an Apple controlled venue?

    5 years ago

    Gene: You need to download from sources that you trust. If you don't feel comfortable downloading from anywhere but the Mac App Store, then only do that. But Steam and GOG have been around for a while and many people trust them. I have downloaded games from both services.

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