MacMost Now 75: Wide Dock Stats Lyrics

Gary Rosenzweig answers some viewer mail: What is a good way to view system stats? How to automatically download lyrics? How to add the Applications Folder folder to the Dock? How to view widescreen videos on an iPod?

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    16 years ago

    Hey Gary and Everyone!

    Great podcasts as usual! I've been enjoying your podcasts on my desktop Mac Mini and video screen but have found the podcasts will not download to my iPod. How can I get podcasts that do not automatically download to my iPod to download? I have iPod settings to "manually manage" as the iPod is pretty full and the iTunes library is somewhat larger, making it wise to swap things out. Although I move on to and off of the iPod music and videos, etc. with the podcasts, iTunes continues to automatically sync and download episodes. Before syncing the iPod, I will open iTunes and uncheck any of the podcasts that I want to be removed from the iPod when syncing and it does it. But checking or unchecking the macmost podcast does not cause it to sync. Must be a setting that I am missing. Any suggestions? Thanks so much! -Charlotte

    16 years ago

    Here is my mac question in a video

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