WWDC 2021: So Many New Features Coming In macOS Monterey and iOS 15

Apple announced macOS Monterey, iOS 15, and iPadOS 15 today with a huge long list of new features. Apps like FaceTime, Notes, Safari, Photos, Maps and Health are getting lots of new things. The Shortcuts app is coming to the Mac and much more.

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    PK Birkmeyer
    3 years ago


    The WWDC 2021 was a crazy non-stop event of features! You are going to be kept very busy when all of this stuff comes out with videos explaining each and every one of them!!

    3 years ago

    Still no native calculator app for iPad...any idea why?

    3 years ago

    Nick: No idea why. It has been that way since the first iPad in 2010. Plenty of third-party calculator apps to choose from though.

    Bert Mullemeister
    3 years ago

    Hi Gary
    thanks for your helpful videos. I always wonder after I upgrade to a new Operating System that all programs still work.
    In particular Quicken 2016 and EyeTV, which has 10 years of my financial history.I use time machine monthly but wonder if the program does no longer work.

    3 years ago

    Bert: You'd have to check with those developers to ask them. Surely there is a more recent version of Quicken than "2016" though, right? If you have something valuable, like your financial records, stored with an app, I'd think you'd want to make it a priority to keep that app up-to-date.

    Thim Fook, Law
    3 years ago

    Hi Gary. I wonder if the Private Relay is iOS/OS specific, i.e. for iOS 16 and Monterey only. My iPhone 7 Plus is currently on iOS 14.6 - which is upgradeable to iOS 15 when it's out, but my iMac is still on Catalina, and is not upgradeable to Big Sur, what more Monterey. So, if I upgrade my iPhone (and iPad) to iOS 15, does it mean that I will NOT be able to use Private Relay in Safari on the iMac? So upgrading to iCloud+ doesn't give me all the features for all the devices, right?

    3 years ago

    Thim: No, just getting iCloud+ wouldn't somehow add a feature to Catalina that is only available in Monterey. Note that iCloud+ isn't an "upgrade." They are renaming all paid storage tiers of iCloud to "iCloud+." So if you are paying for anything above the free 5GB of iCloud storage, that will be called "iCloud+" at some point later this year.

    Wayne Parkins
    3 years ago

    when will next WWDC be Monterrey

    3 years ago

    Wayne: Not sure what you are asking. WWDC is usually in June. Monterey is the new version fo macOS currently in beta testing that will probably be released later this month or next.

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