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Forum Question: Insert a Second Camera (B) roll clip into my iMovie 11

I have a imovie 11 finished video project and i want to insert
a B roll clip without changing the audio in the A imovie clip.
How do i do that? i tried insert but it also changes the audio
i just want the video to change.
Peter Lelievre

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    6/25/11 @ 7:59 pm

    What you want is a cut-away. See these videos:
    Episode 238: http://macmost.com/adding-cut-aways-in-imovie-09.html
    (On iMovie 09, but it is pretty much the same)
    Episode 471: http://macmost.com/imovie-picture-in-picture-side-by-side-and-cutaways.html

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