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Feb 16
Starting today, Microsoft Office users who own one of Apple's new 2016 (more...)
Feb 14
Apple is having a good Valentine's Day, as its shares traded above $134.54 today, eclipsing a previous all-time intraday high set in April 2015. (more...)
Feb 13
During the 59th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, Apple released the (more...)
Feb 8
Apple has hired Timothy D. Twerdahl, the general manager and director of Amazon's Fire TV business, to be the vice president in charge of (more...)
Feb 2
Last night news broke that a collection of major technology companies, including Apple among them, were prepping an open letter to United States President Donald Trump as a means to voice opposition to the immigration executive order that he signed last F (more...)
Feb 1
Apple shipped a record-breaking 5.2 million Apple Watch units last quarter, making it by far the most popular smartwatch of the holiday shopping season, according to the latest data from research firm (more...)
Feb 1
Apple overtook Samsung to become the world's largest smartphone vendor in the fourth quarter of 2016 as shipments reached 439 million units. (more...)
Jan 31
During today's earnings c (more...)
Jan 24
Apple is bringing a more direct form of developer feedback to the iOS and Mac App Stores. Starting in iOS 10.3, which is currently in beta, developers will be able to respond to reviews in the App Store. (more...)