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Jul 29
Though it lacks a Retina display and features a thicker, heavier design, spinning hard drive, and a CD/DVD SuperDrive, Apple’s legacy MacBook Pro survived the company’s latest round of updates on Tuesday, and was even given a $100 price cut to $1,099. (more…)

Jul 23
Apple will release the promised public beta of OS X Yosemite on Thursday, July 24. The beta will be in line with the version developers are currently using, at least for now, but devs will get updates at a faster pace.The Mac Observer Spin: Getting early (more…)

Jul 22
During today’s third quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that Apple has purchased a total of 29 companies since fiscal 2013, including five new companies (more…)

Jul 22
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office today granted Apple (more…)

Jul 17
Apple's Passbook-based iTunes Pass mobile payment system for the iPhone launched in Japan only days ago and now is available in the United States, too. The system lets users pre-load a Passbook card for making purchases in Apple's own retail store (more…)

Jul 17
Apple this week has greatly expanded the availability of its Apple ID two-step verification, bringing the feature from 11 countries to 59 countries. Two-step verification for Apple IDs uses either iOS’s Find my iPhone application or SMS to provide l (more…)

Jul 16
According to court records filed on Wednesday, July 16, Apple (more…)

Jul 12
Apple’s website in China has published a detailed response to accusations by the country’s state owned media, refuting claims that iOS tracks users’ locations in a firm but politely worded statement. (more…)

Jun 30
Apple appears to be testing its (more…)

Jun 27
Apple has told The Loop that the company will be ceasing development of Aperture and iPhoto, offering Photos for OS X as a replacement, which was first shown at WWDC. “With the introduction of the new Photos app and iCloud Photo Library, enabling you to (more…)

Jun 24
ABC News is launching a new Apple TV channel today, bringing access to live and on-demand content to Apple’s set-top box. The channel offers a variety of news and entertainment offerings, including local news in select markets and access to five decades o (more…)